Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sea Witches - Part 1


Rough partial sketch idea for the guys in "Sea Witches."

Raina, Alchemists?

A couple of super early stage ideas for the band Raina.
Do kids like Alchemy these days?
I can't keep up anymore.


My slippered feet and other snaps that have filled my day with joy.


Saturday, 11 December 2010

East London Princess

Pen and pencil sketchbook addition.

I'm going to rework this if it gets taken up as there is a few areas that didn't come out great, that said it's not all bad and she's got a bit of an attitude which I like.
Hopefully be the start of a nice finished piece.

Tribal... harder than you'd think.

Black marker and pencil.

Where the magic happens.

The den of iniquity.


Basic outline of a subject, Pretty boring i think you'll agree.

Pencil some tattoos in.

Line them in black.

Add some black shade.

Experiment with hair textures.

Line and shade the hair.

001 Framed up nice.

Looking good i think you'll agree.

ooooh politics!

A little political humour for you? 
Fuck it I was bored and Nick Clegg is a moron.

Hour of the Wolf

Outlined in pen and shaded in pencils.
Really bad photo and i broke the frame before even hanging on the wall. 

Friday, 10 December 2010

Get A Tattoo - Finished.

Black marker x 4.
These are so nearly done, They need a subtle reworking of the letters and then taking back to black and white before additional black gets worked in.
I will more than likely be printing a limited run of these when they are done. I'm in the process of researching printing techniques and making some new wax seals/new stamps as well as some other nice flourishes. Quality will be high and no compromises will be made.


Work in Progress


Blackboard paint and gold paint marker on a well abused Skateboard deck. 
Outlined so far, lots of gloss black to go on yet.
I'm quite proud of this so far.

Holy Terror.

Bill George Edwards 0001

Ink, Pen, Pencil and Watercolour. 
Sketch book doodle from a few months ago just to get the ball rolling.